Where dreams of children are made real.

It all started in Florence and it was 1941...

The magic was made inside a tiny workshop founded by Firmino Savio in the Oltrarno of Florence.

Deep in the historic centre,
this is where the greatest artisans have worked since the Renaissance.

Firmino first crafted illumination, shaping chandeliers and light fittings. Then came reflection,
with the firm’s
exquisite hand carved mirrors, decorated in gold leaf and semi-precious stones.

These captivating pieces carried
the Savio Firmino reputation
beyond the boundaries of Italy.

Photo credit: Alinari Archives (Archivio Alinari Firenze), Florence.

Mr Firmino Savio, the founder
and first of four generations of
Savio Firmino, in 1953.

Firmino’s sons Guido and Amedeo joined the family tradition,
bringing inspiration
for dreams
with elegantly imagined bedrooms, followed by grandchildren,

with fresh visions for art direction
and the future.

Savio Firmino enchants each piece in their collections
with three generations
of family tradition
, artisanal quality,
and design inspiration.

Florence, with its history
of master artisans, brings
the vision
of high quality craftsmanship to life.

In Notte Fatata, inspired pieces
are hand
made in Italy making
every day
bespoke and unique.

Savio Firmino design is coveted worldwide
for its virtuosity, beauty, and prestige.

Respect for tradition
and state of the art
these are the cornerstones

of Savio Firmino’s production.

Every collection is the result
of innovation
combined with
the skilful work of master
artisans, ensuring the finest pieces adorn

and enhance aristocratic homes. Quality,
experience, and an attention to detail born
from the ancient traditions of artigiani in
mean that every piece made in
is to be savoured for life.

A Savio Firmino creation is distinct, stylish,
and recognised everywhere
by those who
appreciate luxury
and authenticity.

Photo credit: Alinari Archives (Archivio Alinari Firenze), Florence.

For children to dream and grow, with magic.

Guido Savio found a radiant
new muse when his
grand-daughter Viola was born in 2008. For her,
created the Collezione Notte Fatata, the Night Fairy
Collection, designed to capture the imagination of
children while bearing the quality and distinctive
style of Savio Firmino.

Enchanted worlds where boys
and girls can live as if
in a dream, surrounded by the echo of fables.
future is as grand as they
can imagine, and the
Notte Fatata collection immerses childhood
possibility and wonder.

How life begins is how it will
continue, and the
world of Notte
Fatata is an enchanted kingdom
your prince or princess to savour. Inspired by family
and created
for royalty
, these are exclusive
collections that wrap your
children in love while
an appreciation of quality and style.

With Notte Fatata precious children grow in
curiosity and imagination
to become people of
and limitless horizons.

Let their journey begin here,
in magic.